I have heard so many amazing stories about Croatia yet this trip definitely surpassed my expectations! No matter where you look it is a million dollar view, an actual paradise. It is definitely an understatement when I say the vision was living. www Each day we'd set sail early in the morning then stop for a swim en route to our destination. Swim stops meant jumping the boat off into the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, while drinking a cheeky cider then drying off out on the deck floating on lilos, catching rays and reading. Lunch time would roll around and we would head inside for an astonishing lunch on the boat that is chartered. After this we'd then pull into our destination for the day/night. www We got to see all the top isles including Palmizana; with the amazing cavern tavern, the lovely Krvavica; that is nestled under the picture perfect Biokovo mountain range, the famed party island Komiza; where we partied at the largest open air club in Europe, Pula; the birth place of the famed Marco Polo, Mljet; where we got the chance to kayak, cycle or scoot around the breathless salt lakes in the National Park, as well as seeing the coastal cities of Sibenik, Slano and eventually, the gem of the Adriatic, Split.

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